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Cydia Download device preparation

How to prepare your device for Cydia download

You must go through the process called Jailbreak for download Cydia on any Apple device. There are several important steps you must follow before jailbreak your device. These steps are common for use with any jailbreak tool and it’ll make sure your safety and hassle free Cydia download process.

Cydia Download preparation

Cydia download preparation check list

  • Have enough batter life (at least 50%).
  • Updated iTunes to the latest version.
  • Proper cable for connect your device to the PC.
  • Have a full backup of your device.
  • Download appropriate jailbreak tool which matches with your iOS version.

You are ready to start Cydia install process if you have completed all above requirements. Having fulfilled above requirements will not guarantee your Cydia download process without failure, but it will rescue you in most cases without a trouble.

Find best tool for Cydia download

If you don’t know which jailbreak tool requires to install Cydia on your device, please check Jailbreak tool selection tutorial for find the most appropriate jailbreak software for you. You can direct download any jailbreak tool at our Jailbreak software library and check our Cydia download tutorials and troubleshoot sections for help yourself to make the jailbreak process success.