About Cydia Pro

Cydia Pro is team of professional iOS developers and Jailbreak enthusiasts. We love jailbreak community and our effort to help anyone to have a safe Cydia download on their device without failure. As most of us know the Jailbreak industry isĀ full of genuine iOS developers and going on as a freeware community but small number of spammers has misusedĀ Jailbreak resources for mislead new comers.

Here we have build a great library of Jailbreak tools, jailbreak tutorials and jailbreak guides for make possible to anyone Cydia download on their devices hassle free. Please mind that Cydia Pro team is independent and have no copyrights, ownership for any of Jailbreak tool such as Pangu, Evasi0n, P0sixspwn or etc. Likewise we are not part of any renowned jailbreak team like Pangu team or evad3rs.

If you have any doubt about our work or content of this website, please feel free to contact / let us know at admin@cydiapro.com.

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